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Valencia Old Town Map

Map of Valencia city centre

Valencia City Map: Old Town

A map of the Old City of Valencia (Ciutat Vella): A detailed map of the Valencia Historical center with monuments, museums, gardens, and places of interest.

Download PDF version [324 Kb]  by www.valencia-cityguide.com

Ciutat Vella - La Seu-Xerea

The centre of Valencia reflects its history and retains its star-shaped mediaeval layout. If you don't keep your wits about you, it's easy to get lost in the maze of alleyways.

Nowadays, as well as being the area with most religious and civil monuments and the Nº 1 tourist neighbourhood, it's also buzzing with life. Here's where most political activity takes place – it's home to Las Cortes Valencianas, the headquarters of the Consell and the Valencian Regional Government, as well as several ministries and public institutions. But it's also home to the most avant-garde elements of Valencia - packed with shops, restaurants and bars, here and the neighbouring El Carmen quarter is where the younger generation live.

El Carme - Velluters - El Pilar - El Mercat

This is the other half of Valencia's old town and is more commercial and workaday. Here you can see the remains of the city wall and the gateways used by traders and labourers to enter and leave the city. Here too are the markets, the craftsmen's quarters and some very interesting monuments. Nowadays, these old neighbourhoods live in much the same way as they have always done and are the heart of trade and leisure in modern Valencia.

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