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Valencia Tourist Card

Valencia Tourist Card

Valencia Tourist Card: Freedom of Movement

Free transportation all around the city. Discounts in main tourist attractions such as museums, restaurants, shops, leisure activities, facilities... Everything is easer with Valencia Tourist Card, the best way to visit, taste and enjoy the city.

The Valencia Tourist Card gives you discounts in museums, attractions, shops, ...and free travel by public transport. You decide whether you want a card that is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours. This visit card will not be valid until it is stamped with the time and date the first time you use it. The card is valid once per attraction and entitles you to unlimited travel by metro, bus and tram.

The Valencia Tourist Card can be bought in many hotels, tobacconists and newspaper stands, and the establishments that offer discounts on presentation of the Valencia Tourist Card are identified with a sticker.


  • 1 or 2 or 3 days Valencia Tourist Card.
  • The free public transport is within valencia City. Metro Airport-Valencia City is included.
  • Brochure in English and Spanish detailing participating establishments.
  • Map of the Valencia.


There are 160 Participant establishments including 32 Restaurants, 36 Museums and Tourist Attractions, 37 Entertainment and Nightlife venues, 52 Shops and Car rental firms. The establishments that offer discounts on presentation of the Valencia Tourist Card are identified with a sticker.

The card is valid from the first date of use and expires at midnight on the last day of the card´s validity. Use of the public transport system includes all buses, trams and metro (zone AB).

The Valencia Touirst Card inlcude the Valencia Bus Turistic discount (does not inlcude the Albufera Bus Turistic, Sagunto Bus Turistic and Puig Bus Turistic)

There is no card for children younger than 6 year but they have a free public transport and are admited free to the most of the Municipal Museums.


  • 24 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €15.00
  • 48 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €20.00
  • 72 Hours Valencia Tourist Card  €25.00

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