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Museo Taurino - Plaza de Toros

Museo Taurino Plaza de Toros

Bullfighting Museum - Bullring

Pasaje Doctor Serra 10, Valencia 46004.

Itinerary: Eixample

Category: main star sightseeing

The Bullring is located in the city centre, next to the Northern Station. It is a neoclassic building design by Sebastián Monleón, built between 1850-1860, of 18 metres high and the ring has a diameter of 52 metres. The main bullfights take place during Fallas (March) and at the July Fair.

Bullfighting Museum

Founded in 1929, it is one of the oldest and most important in Spain, and has historical objects from the XVIII, XIX, and XX centuries. It is conceived as a space for promotion and investigation of the art of bullfighting. This museum was founded in 1929 with funds left for this purpose by Luis Moróder Peiró, a great follower of bullfighting, and the private collection of the picador, José Bayard "Badila". During its more than 70 years of existence, it has been up-dated and completed such that now it is one of the largest in Spain. It seeks to give as much projection as possible to its bullfighting exhibits, and there is also a research centre within its walls for the promotion of bullfighting in all its different aspects. Objects related to the art from XVIII, XIX and XX centuries are also on display.

Useful Information

Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 h.

Monday closed.

Museo Taurino - Plaza de Toros Map

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