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Hemisferic (City of Arts and Sciences)

Autopista del Saler 3, Valencia 46013.

Itinerary: Quatre Carreres

Category: main attraction sightseeing highlights

Hemisferic is an splendid Laserium, Planetarium and IMAX cinema (over a 900 square meters of screen). It belongs to the City of Arts and Sciences complex. The building was designed by Santiago Calatrava. It has the shape of an eye, and is reflected 24.000 square meters lake. The cover of the cinema looks like the eye lips of the eye, and can be closed or opened.

City of Arts and Sciences Tickets

Hemisferic Pictures

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IMAX Films


IMAX adventure that invites spectators to explore the spectacular landscapes of Borneo forests and savannah of Kenya to know the work of people who rescue orphaned orangutans and elephants, two endangered species.

With an ecologist message of the need to preserve species "Born to be Wild" invites spectators on a trip round such spectacular sights as the jungles of Borneo and the savannah of Kenya.

This grand format IMAX production is based on the stories of orphan elephants and orang-utans in order to show the link that is created between humans and animals, and, how, thanks to the devotion of certain individuals, these animals have been rescued, so saving endangered species.

These incredible and vulnerable creatures embark on a tour with experts, whose main objective is to save and return to Mother Nature. The distinguished primatologist Biruté Mary Galdikas runs the rain forest of Borneo, while Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick, an expert on elephants, rescue one by one the babies of the giant mammals in Kenya.

The head of the music of the film is Mark Mothersbaugnh, singer of the rock band Devo that has set more than 70 films and television projects to music. The stunning images captured by Linckley in Born to be wild with a maximum field of view combined with the experience of the director in more than 30 films about nature, result in one of the most incredible experiences of immersion in the cinema. It is also a unique opportunity to reflect on the human impact on nature. This family documentary will transport spectators around the world to Kenya and Borneo being witnesses in the first line of how to take action to save these beautiful creatures on earth.

During the proyection they'll give you headphones, so you can choose the language of the narration in Spanish, Valencian, English and Italian.


This film shows the five spacewalks by astronauts to repair the Hubble telescope, and images of the telescope in the foreground. It also combines different scenes with pictures taken by Hubble during the nearly 20 years that it has been our window into space.


Discover with the famous educationalist and scientist Sir David Attenborough the mysteries of Pterosaurios, flying giants that dominated the skies, while dinosaurs walked the Earth

The 3D production "3D Flying monsters" recreates the history of the prehistoric giants that used to ride the winds, when dinosaurs walked the Earth. There are many mysteries concerning the Pterosaurs, which, 220 million years ago, flew through the skies while the dinosaurs dominated the land. The story of how and why the mysterious creatures raised in the air it is more than any fantastic fiction.

The proyection will be in Spanish. Please ask for the headphones, if you want to hear the narration in Valencian, English and Italian.


The movie reconstructs a marine world based on the discoveries of the paleontological excavations carried out all over the world.

Sea Monsters is a prehistoric adventure that transports you 82 millions years back in time to the Cretaceous period when an extraordinary diversity of marine life populated vast ocean waters.

We'll know a family of Dolichorhynchops, also known informally as "Dollies" as they traverse ancient waters populated with curious animals as prehistoric sharks.


As for "Evolution", this commemorates two great anniversaries: the International Year of Astronomy and the Year of Darwin. This audiovisual production brings the astrobiology closer to the people, the science that include Astronomy and Biology.

A unique concept applied in two different areas that tell, on the one hand, the evolution of the species and, for other one, the evolution of the universe. Darwin and Galilean were two big geniuses who shared their enthusiasm for the experiments, their devotion to the scientific method and their will for going against the current.

"Evolution" realistically depicts a variety of scenarios, such as the deck of the Beagle, the first moments of life on Earth, the farthest Universe, the inside of the GTC telescope on the Canary island of La Palma, and Victorian London at the time of Darwin, not forgetting recreations of the starry sky.

Entrance tickets - Prices to the Hemisferic

Adults ticketsReduced School GroupsAdult Groups
Hemisferic8.80 €6.85 €4.70 € 6.40 €
City of Arts and Sciences Tickets

To visit the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum may take an average of 3 hours and the Oceanografic approximately 4 hours, depending on your level of interest and motivation. Sessions at the Hemisferic generally last about 45 - 50 minutes. The visit to the entire complex can be done in a single day, but to enjoy a more relaxed visit we suggest to take two or three days.

The City of Arts and Sciences is open 365 days of the year. The Museum and the Oceanografic both open to the public at 10:00 and you can then visit at any time you like. At the entrance building to the Oceanografic, next to the information point, we have a left-luggage service where you can leave your luggage or other belongings. It costs 2€ per day and no pre-booking is required. At the Principe Felipe Science Museum we have a free cloakroom service but it does not accept luggage or similar items.

In which languages are the Hemisferic films narrated? The language can be selected in the earphones distributed at the entrance to the auditorium. You can choose between Spanish, Valencian, English and French.

Projections Hours

11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00. From Friday to Sunday: 20:00 and 21:00.

The City of Arts and Sciences

More information about The City of Arts and Sciences

If you want a private guided tour to the all complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, please check here.

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