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Museo de Prehistoria y de las Culturas de Valencia

Museo de Prehistoria y de las Culturas de Valencia La Beneficencia

Museum of Valencia's Cultures

Corona 36, Valencia 46003.

Itinerary: El Carmen

Category: main star sightseeing

The Museum of Prehistory and Valencia's Cultures (La Beneficencia) was created to avoid all those finds related to antiquity being dispersed to different places. Thus its exhibits go from pre-history to mediaeval Valencia, outstanding of which is the warrior of Moixent, an item that goes back to the IV century B.C., found in the village of Bastida de les Alcuses (Moixent). The different buildings, known as the Centre for Mediterranean Culture la Beneficencia, also house the Ethnology Museum which shows how customs have evolved in traditional rural society. There are also different rooms (formerly classrooms for those people interned here) in which short-term exhibitions are held.

Valencian Ethnology Museum

A new permanent exhibition, Huerta and marjal (Orchards and Wetlands), has recently opened at the Valencian Ethnology Museum, complementing and extending the museum's original exhibit, Ciutat Viscuda. Ciutats valencianes en trànsit (The Lived-In City: Valencian Cities in Transit). These two shows will shortly be joined by a third and final phase of the project, exploring the mountains and unirrigated farmland areas.

The aim of the Valencian Ethnology Museum is to house permanent exhibitions that provide a comprehensive insight into traditional Valencian society. With the addition of Orchards and Wetlands, which uses new technologies to offer visitors an innovative and contemporary museum experience, the Valencian Ethnology Museum is seeking to consolidate its presence in the city and to attract more visitors from both home and abroad.

The Orchards and Wetlands exhibit is divided into two basic sections – one covering concepts, the other, objects – and includes a fully interactive space. In the first section, the focus is on a series of ideas that the museum considers important for understanding the popular culture in Valencia's orchards and wetlands, including the characteristic ways in which space is constructed, the importance of water management, habitat, the various types of housing and their use, the wide variety of crops and produce and their commercial side, the construction of a close-knit, family-like identity and the transition to a more generic identity.

Useful Information

Winter from 10:00 to 20:00 h.
Summer from 10:00 to 21:00 h.

Monday closed.

Free entry.

Museo de Prehistoria y de las Culturas de Valencia (La Beneficencia) Map

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