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Palacio de Pineda

Palacio de Pineda

Pineda Palace

Plaza del Carmen 4, Valencia 46003.

Itinerary: El Carmen

Category: main attraction

The colossal façade of the Carmen church stands opposite the building that belonged, in the 18th, century to the Quartermaster General of the Kingdoms of Valencia and Murcia and the Chief Justice of the city, Don Francisco Salvador de Pineda, nowadays known as the Palacio de Pineda. Its neo-classic façade is characterised by its symmetry with two towers standing at each end. There is a huge door in the centre, above which is set the Pineda coat of arms, where one can just make out the date of 1732 that may correspond with the foundation of the building. Two floors with balconies make up the central part, decorated with tiles in geometric designs. The access door opens in to a wide area with a wooden beamed ceiling supported by four great stone arches. Towards the back, there is a patio which once housed the garden.

Useful Information

Free entry. A outdoor restaurant inside.

Pineda Palace Map

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