Monuments and Museums in Valencia

Main tourist attractions of Valencia city: top tourist places to visit, historic sites, amusement parks, gardens and natural parks, visitor highlights, advices for sightseeing, pictures and popular photos, things to do, details of all Valencia's sights and landmarks. Your travel guide.

Valencia Monuments

Search for tourist attractions below, and read more about all the exciting things to do in Valencia. Click on the attraction to get more tourist information. If your time in Valencia is limited, see our list of top 10 tourist attractions in Valencia.

Valencia Museums

Valencia offers a good museums to visit, from 20th Century Art to the Oceanarium. You´ll find them here listed in categories. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the museums have current exhibitions. Information about the current exhibitions is listed in our events section. Don´t forget the worldwide custom of museums being closed on Mondays.

Valencia Churches

Valencia has many architecturally unique churches representing different styles: romanesque, baroque, gothic... The churches in Valencia are among the city’s most majestic buildings. There are beautiful art treasures, monuments, memorials and decorations that bear witness to the history of the building itself as well as the history of Valencia.

Valencia Bridges

In this section you will find information about the ancient and modern bridges of the city of Valencia over the Turia river. There are two footbridges, however most are road bridges. The oldest is the Trinity Bridge.

Valencia Parks and Gardens

Jardines de los ViverosIn Valencia city, visitors will find much more than just the large city parks such as old Turia river bed. There are also a variety of other green oases perfect for relaxation, play and picnicking: the botanical garden, the Royal Gardens and Monforte Garden. Many of these areas are home to cultural points of interest such as statues and fontains.

The dry river bed, which used to have water running through it for centuries, was transformed into the Jardín del Turia (Turia Park); an immense garden and a green lung in the city centre. The Cabecera park prolongs the large green belt of the Turia Park and is located near the connecting linkwith the natural arm of the river. It is a green space that is ideal to host a whole variety of activities.

Valencia top ten tourist attractions

A city that stylishly combines tradition and modernity, with charming traditional quarters such as the Barrio del Carmen, unique spaces such as the Central Market, the Plaza de la Virgen and Plaza de la Reina squares, with El Miguelete bell tower and the Cathedral standing guard over them... and in contrast, the modernity of the impressive City of Arts and Sciences and its extensive range of culture and leisure alternatives.

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