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Jardin Botanico

Jardin Botanico

Botanical Garden

Calle Quart 80

Itinerary: Extramurs

Category: main attraction sightseeing highlights

An important collection with about three thousand species of trees and plants, specially the palm and the cactus.

The Botanic Garden was founded in 1567 for the study of medicinal plants. In 1802 it was installed in l'Hort de Tramoyeres, where it is currently situated. The restoration that was concluded in the year 2000 allowed for the reclamation of this spectacular green space. Its main activities are culture, research and the promotion of the information.

The Botanical Gardens of the University of Valencia began as a smallholding used to teach botany or "hort de simples" in the 16th century, although we don't know the exact site. A new garden, better adapted to scientific advances, was created in the 18th century. It now has a major botanical collection, with over three thousand tree and plant species from all five continents, especially interesting being the collections of palms and tropical trees, and those of cacti and other desert plants.

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