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Casa de San Vicente Ferrer

Casa de San Vicente Ferrer

Home of San Vicente Ferrer

Pouet de San Vicent 1, Valencia 46003.

Itinerary: La Xerea

Category: main attraction

This house can be entered from two different sides, both entrances being crowned by rounded arches and windows of various sizes. In the entrance from the Pouet street, there is a wide stone pedestal with four water-spouts; from here the Pouet water pours out. To the left of this, according to tradition, is the room where the saint was born.

What was San Vicente Ferrer's room is maintained as it was, in which an altar-piece by Vicente López can be seen . The saint's miracles, the chapel and the fountain are just some of the things the house offers, with the miraculous well drawing the most attention. Tradition has it that it helped to combat the cholera epidemic of 1854, as the jars filled with water here went to quench the thirst of the people of Valencia.

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