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Horchata and Fartons

Horchata and FartonsHorchata (called 'Orxata' in Valencian language) is a popular soft drink from Valencia and fartons is a kind of bread, together are so good. Horchata is made from 'chufa' (it's a root). Arabs brought chufa from Egipt (700 BC). Note horchata from Valencia is not the same as in Mexico (made from rice). There are a number of 'horchaterias' in Valencia, the most famous of which is opposite the Iglesia y Torre de Santa Catalina in the corner of Plaza de la Reina.

A sweet drink that must be served very cold, it is made from ground tiger nuts (grown mainly in L'Horta de Valencia), water and sugar. It's worth going to Alboraia to taste what is meant to be the best horchata in Valencia, accompanied by the traditional fartons, a kind of sweet bar-shaped sponge cake made of flour, water or milk, sugar, oil, yeast and eggs.

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